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Time together with room to explore

Save on Haven’s best public prices with Forces Discount

Sometimes you just need a breath of fresh air. So ditch your weekend DIY or Big Shop plans, jump in the car and head to one of Haven’s 36 holiday parks. The whole of the British coast is waiting for you. Simple.

Every park has a pool, many of them overflowing with flumes and slides. Learn a new sport like fencing or archery (all very safe, honest!). Or be prepared to get mucky if you’re giving Nature Rockz a go. Every day and every night you’ll be blown away by the entertainment.

Plus, you can save up to extra £50 on your next family holiday with Forces Discount! Simply call 0333 202 5248 and quote Z_FORCD2, or visit www.haven.com/forcesdiscount to book your holiday and claim your discount today.


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